The international version of “EGGLIA Rebirth” for Nintendo Switch is available today!

おしらせ 更新日:2022-02-10

The international version of the Nintendo Switch download-only software “EGGLIA Rebirth” is available today, Thursday, February 10, 2022!


EGGLIA is a fantasy RPG where you break a mysterious egg called a “Nibel Egg” to open up the world, grow the town with its unique inhabitants, and go on adventures with the spirits you’ve befriended while reclaiming the world of Eglia.


The user interface of “EGGLIA Rebirth” has been changed to fit the Switch from the smartphone, and the controller operation has been significantly modified and enhanced!

In addition, new inhabitants and events have been added, so both those who enjoyed the smartphone version and those who are playing EGGLIA for the first time will be able to enjoy the game.


Please enjoy the reborn world of EGGLIA to the fullest!


Nintendo eShop in Europe.


Nintendo eShop in the U.S.