Guidelines for uploading and livestreaming Egglia's in-game content

Thank you for your continued support for "Egglia"!
We have decided to establish guidelines regarding playthrough videos and screenshots of Egglia, so please be sure to adhere to the items as set forth below.
Our goal is for anyone to be able to stream and post about Egglia, as long as these guidelines are met!
We hope that our players can continue to share the world of Egglia and build networks through their introduction videos, playthroughs, and livestreams.

When livestreaming,
brwe ask you to please list the following URLs in your descriptions section.

[Nintendo eShop]
[Egglia's official website]

  • Footage of the game may be edited for use in playthrough videos.
    Players are welcome to overlay their voices or their reactions onto in-game footage, as commonly seen in "let's-play" videos.
  • When filming playthrough videos, etc., please make sure that you are playing the latest version of the game.
  • Players are free to create reaction videos of the game's main plotline, or any of its sidequests.
  • Players are free to monetize their playthrough videos.
  • Players are not required to individually contact Brownies for permission to upload playthrough videos, etc.
  • These guidelines are not intended to transfer any copyrights or intellectual property rights to Egglia to another third party.
  • Please be informed that playthrough videos, etc. that have been uploaded may be posted to our official homepage,
    as well as to our other official social media outlets.
  • Please make sure that your posts adhere to the following guidelines as set forth by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

  • Please refer to the following website for Nintendo's Guidelines.

    [The following items are prohibited when uploading playthrough videos, etc. for Egglia]

  • Uploaders agree not to excessively edit or alter in-game footage, etc. that will lead to misinformation or significantly negative depictions of the game.
  • Uploaders will acknowledge and agree that uploading their playthrough videos, etc. to their platform of choice will also release their in-game player name and information to third party viewers.
  • Footage from accounts verified to have unlawfully obtained the game or game data, as well as game data deemed to have been unlawfully modified, changed, or revised, etc. will be subject to removal.
  • Using footage of game data that has been modified, or disclosing details of the game that Brownies has not publicly disclosed, is prohibited.
  • Using game footage to insult, defame, or slander individuals or organizations is prohibited.
  • Using game footage as a means to spread harmful, religious, or political ideology is prohibited.
  • Using game footage to advertise other products, services, and companies, etc. are prohibited.
  • Actions that violate the guidelines set forth by the respective streaming platforms that the content has been uploaded to
  • In the event that Brownies determines that the uploaded content be removed for any reason not formally stipulated in this guideline, Brownies will retain the right to do so. Brownies will not bear any responsibilities for any damages incurred for the removal of this content.
  • Brownies will not bear any responsibilities for any damages incurred as a result of uploading gameplay footage, etc. that adhere to the terms of this guideline.
  • Brownies will not answer any inquiries regarding the interpretation of these guidelines. Furthermore, please be informed that Brownies will not answer any inquiries regarding permission to use in-game footage and screenshots.

  • * Please note that the contents of these guidelines are subject to change or revisions without prior warning. Any playthrough videos, etc. that are uploaded or streamed after the guidelines have been changed or revised are subject to the changed or revised terms of the guidelines. Furthermore, please be informed that Brownies will not bear any damages incurred as a result of the changes or revisions made to this guideline.

    * By using in-game content, all users agree to adhere to these terms and conditions, as well as to the terms and conditions as set forth separately in the Nintendo Switch Terms and Conditions, the Nintendo Account Use Terms and Conditions, and the Nintendo Network Use Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Nintendo Terms and Conditions"), by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

    * In the event that there is a contradiction between the items stipulated in these terms and conditions and the items as set forth in the Nintendo Terms and Conditions with respect to the use of in-game content, the provisions set forth in these terms and conditions shall prevail. Additionally, any items set forth in our official website shall form part of these terms and conditions, and the items as set forth in the official website shall prevail in the event of any arising contradictions.

This guideline is current as of December 26th, 2021.